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Negative Effects of Depression or Anxiety to Health

Many people are now suffering from depression and anxiety who suffers from different problems that they face just like being lonely, financial problem, health problem, relationship problem, or even school problem. But even though we face depression or anxiety, a lot of people who are not seeking help or advice from other people or professionals can help them. With this situation, according to the Healthtrends report, there are two main parts that our body suffers from depression and anxiety. These two are the aspect of our memory and decision-making.


The principal portion of this must do with anticipatory regret. Because people tend to undergo more sorrow, their conclusions may create a bias that leads somebody toward inaction because the person may feel they are diminishing their responsibility for potentially damaging results by accepting a default option passively instead of decided consciously. To put it in simple words, the person who suffers from anxiety or depression will have difficulty decision-making in their life. It will be too hard for them because they are too afraid that their decision will be unfavorable.

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Another factor that could affect depression or anxiety is a person’s memory. Due to the depression or anxiety, it lessens their speed of processing a certain amount of information that they gain or they give out. A person who suffers from this illness always tends to think about the negative outcome of a situation instead of how they can provide an excellent chance to create it more positively.